Wellness Made Simple: How to Keep Cancer and Other Diseases at Bay, by Connie Boucher, LMT

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Product Description

This simple, down-to-earth book is packed with natural, healthy solutions that can easily be done every day to enhance your body's own natural immunity to help fight cancer and other diseases. Wellness Made Simple discusses every aspect of health from nutrition and exercise to love and forgiveness. It gives specific recommendations for how to apply healthy practices into your daily life.

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Pages: 167.

Binding: Softcover.

Dimensions: 5" wide x 6¾" tall x ½" deep.


Connie Boucher, LMT, is a massage therapist and wellness coach. Her massage schooling, combined with a wide range of natural healing workshops and real-life experiences, have shaped her thinking and given her a unique perspective on life.


Disease and Healing Made Simple
Cancer in a Nutshell
Cancer Cells Simplified
How to Ward Off & Reverse Cancer, Etc.
How to Restore Balance
What's Known to Cause Cancer
What's Known to Cure Cancer
Breaking Down the Causes
Examining the Cures
Non-Nutritious & Harmful Foods
Healing Real Foods
Nourishing & Healing Raw Food Diet
Green Smoothies
Why pH Matters
pH of Foods
Baking Soda Balances pH
Why Go on a Yeast-Free Diet
The Yeast-Free Diet (Strict)
Yeast-Free Plan for the Long-Haul
Sample Menu (Maintenance)
How to Keep Yeast Away for Good
Super Supplements
Kitchen Herbs that Fight Cancer
Pure Essential Oils--How to Use Them
Difference Between Pure and Certified
About Frequencies
How to Raise Your Frequency
Essential Oil Cancer-Medicine
Frankincense Essential Oil Kills Cancer
Dr. Hill's Daily-Regime
Zero-Point Energy
Self-Help Oxygen Therapy for Cells
Oxygenate with Asea
The Power of Meditation
The Power of Heartfelt Prayer
The Power of Love
The Power of Forgiveness
The Power of (Sun) Light
The Power of Positive Thinking
The Power of Laughter
The Power of Cleanliness
The Power of Stress-Relief
In Summation
EO Protocol Testimonial
Helpful Websites
Brands I Like, and Why
Quotes Worth Pondering


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This is an easy to read book. With very good information in it. (Posted on 12/28/2016)

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