The Summit: A Network Marketer's Guide to the Top, by Justin Pitts

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Begin your network marketing expedition with the necessary tools, plans, and guides for reaching the summit and experiencing success.

Reaching the summit of any of the world's highest mountains has been described as one of the most exhilarating and rewarding experiences. However, most people that dream about accomplishing this amazing feat never even come close to ascending their peaks—let alone reaching the summit. Similar to this experience, most network marketers fail to reach the summit of success in their efforts. But it doesn't have to be that way! Begin your expedition with the necessary tools, plans, and guides for reaching the summit and experiencing success.

"Justin is amazing! He has helped me to open my mind and see what was keeping me from being successful in my business. I have learned the importance of growing my business naturally and customizing what I do to me and my personality instead of simply copying what others do. I am so thankful for his skills and knowledge." — Rita Salloum

"I wanted to market my business using social media, but I had no clue where to begin. Justin's tactics on Facebook classes were just what I needed! They walked me step-by-step through the process of a successful Facebook class. First, I needed to understand the theory behind this type of class and then I needed to gain confidence in my efforts. ... Through these tactics and the appropriate resources, I created unique content and graphics for my class. The result was a positive, upbeat, unique, and well-attended class. He has a working knowledge of successful Facebook classes with a unique approach and fresh ideas. I found the experience challenging yet positive, definitely a growth experience and a move in the right direction. I would recommend Justin and his teachings to others who want to expand their business into the social media world." — Amy Hineman

Objective: Marketing. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Publication: 2017.

Pages: 274.

Binding: Softcover.

Dimensions: 6" wide x 9" tall.


Justin Pitts is a successful entrepreneur, mentor, and business coach. He grew up in central Florida and started creating businesses at the age of 5. He credits his young entrepreneurial spirit to his parents and grandparents—who always pushed, encouraged, and funded him throughout his childhood business ventures. He prides himself on his ability to connect with individuals by helping them identify exactly what they need to work on to see results. Justin has had the privilege of working for large network marketing companies, both in the corporate offices and in the field as a network marketer. These experiences have given him a unique perspective to know exactly what it takes to become a success.

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How to Use this Book
Chapter 1: Self Development
Self Belief
Know Your Why
Identify Strengths and Weaknesses
Overcoming Life's Obstacles
Don't Give Up
Avoiding Burnout
To-Do List
Chapter Notes
Chapter 2: Marketing
Creating Your Personal Board
Marketing Plan: 6 Steps
Promotions and Incentives
Tracking and Planning
Social Media and Blogs
To-Do List
Chapter Notes
Chapter 3: Prospecting
What is Prospecting?
The Myth About Prospecting
Making a Connection
Types of Prospect
Creating a Prospecting Outline
60-Day Prospecting Plan
Follow Up
Prospecting with a Facebook Business Page
To-Do List
Chapter Notes
Chapter 4: Sales
Correctly Using Questions
Overcoming Obstacles
Invitations to Act vs The Close
The Up-Sell
To-Do List
Chapter Notes
Chapter 5: Classes
Why Classes
Types of Classes
How Do I Prepare?
How Do I Teach? What Do I Teach?
Class Length
Facebook Classes
To-Do List
Chapter Notes
Chapter 6: Education
Teach Others
Business Builders
To-Do List
Chapter Notes
Chapter 7: Leadership
Qualities of an Effective Leader
Identifying and Developing Personal Leadership Qualities
Training Others to Become Great Leaders
To-Do List
Chapter Notes
Hope for Honduran Children Foundation
About the Hope for Honduran Children Foundation
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