The 7 Secrets of Healthy, Happy People, by Erleen Tilton


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In The 7 Secrets of Healthy, Happy People, Erleen Tilton outlines 7 steps to improve mood, emotions, energy, weight, and life in general.


Product Description

In The 7 Secrets of Healthy, Happy People, Erleen Tilton outlines 7 steps to improve mood, emotions, energy, weight, and life in general. Backed by personal experience and ample research, this book explains how proper nourishment, cleansing, supplements, natural support, exercise, preventative measures, and emotional intelligence each have a vital role in creating a successful, healthy, and happy life.

"Erleen Tilton's The 7 Secrets of Healthy, Happy People brings a balanced lifestyle approach to reach optimal wholeness. She has personally walked out these principles in her own life and knows they will work for you too. No magic bullets or band-aid approaches here, just foundational information to enable you to reach and retain health. Join the fast-growing ranks of people choosing a wellness lifestyle." Vonny Wheelon, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach.

"I love what Erleen has done. She has not only covered all the bases in her book, but she has included invaluable research and unique information about nutrition that really helps the reader put everything into perspective. She tops it off by including 'goals and suggestions' at the end of each section which simplify the content and give the reader a step-by-step approach to really improving their health . . . and their lives." Dan Truman, Grammy Award-winning artist, Diamond Rio band pianist, and life-long health and wellness advocate.

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Publication: 2015.

Pages: 214.

Binding: Softcover.

Dimensions: 6" wide x 9" tall x ½" deep.


Over 30 years ago, while experiencing health challenges, Erleen Tilton went to a naturopathic physician who introduced her to a system. This system of whole foods, cleanses, quality nutritional supplements, and Mother Nature's medicines brought her renewed, energetic health within a short few months. From there she began her journey as a passionate wellness educator. She is a Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Aroma Therapist, Certified Holistic Wellness Coach, and the author of over a dozen wellness books and publications.

Erleen's greatest passion is teaching others how to transform their lives by learning the wellness secrets found in nature. She has partnered with many other like-minded advocates to help people around the globe achieve this goal.

Erleen's greatest love is her family. She partners and travels with her husband, Bill, in their wellness pursuits. She is a mother of 6 and grandmother of 13. She loves family time, quilting, gardening, plant identification, and hiking at her mountain home.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Whole Foods
Chapter 2: Protein
Chapter 3: Carbohydrates
Chapter 4: Fats and Fiber
Chapter 5: Vitamins and Minerals
Chapter 6: Enzymes, Antioxidants, and Probiotics
Chapter 7: Water
Chapter 8: Your Choice of Foods
Chapter 9: Removing Toxicity
Chapter 10: Substances That Can Create Toxicity
Chapter 11: Microwave Your Food—Why Not?
Chapter 12: The Body's Seven Channels of Elimination
Chapter 13: Water, The Pure and Perfect Cleanser
Chapter 14: 90-Day Cleanse with a 30-Day Outlined Program
Chapter 15: Hydrotherapy
Chapter 16: Balanced Nutrition
Chapter 17: Macronutrients vs. Micronutrients
Chapter 18: Nature's Pure Essential Oils
Chapter 19: What are Essential Oils?
Chapter 20: The Simplicity of Essential Oils
Chapter 21: Building Immunity Naturally
Chapter 22: Regular Exercise
Chapter 23: Speeding Up Your Metabolism
Chapter 24: How Toxic Are Your Home Cleaners?
Chapter 25: How Toxic Are Your Foods?
Chapter 26: How Toxic Are Your Skin Care, Body Care, Hair Care, and More?
Chapter 27: Your Mind and Soul
Chapter 28: Your Body is a System
Let's Get Started
Chapter 29: Where to Begin
Chapter 30: Super Foods That Healthy Happy People Enjoy
Chapter 31: Cleansing Products with Essential Oils
Chapter 32: Body Care with Essential Oils


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