Replacement Oil Cup Liner for Whisper Premium Diffuser


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Need more liner cups for your Whisper diffuser? Here they are!


Product Description

Need a new liner cup for your Whisper diffuser? Here it is! Fill with recommended amount of water, add a few drops of essential oils, and diffuse away! Reusable many times and utimately disposable. Made from highest grade PET-1 plastic and is BPA-free.

Contents: 1 replacement cup liner. (Circular Inner Windshield Cover, Square Outer Cover, and Spray Nozzle Tip not included.)


  1. The Whisper diffuser requires water both in the base and in the soft, replaceable liner. (The machine will not run if the water level in the base gets too low.)
  2. Place essential oils only in the flexible liner along with water, not in the reservoir base. (Oils in the base may clog the diffusing mechanism and damage the diffuser.)
  3. After use, empty any leftover contents from the liner, rinse, and wipe clean with a soft cloth.
  4. Longevity of the liner cup varies with the types and amounts of oil used. Check for leaks after use.


Review by:
I had forgotten that I had ordered these. I was picking up the packaging and decided to 'unwrap' the saran wrap around a cardboard tube that was, what I thought, a 'space taker' in the box with the rest of my order. But when I took the saran off the cardboard, there were my Liners !!! Holy Cow! I almost just threw the tube away thinking it was just to help with the packaging! how sad I would have been if I had realized that I did not have my liners !! There was no invoice in the box to remind me of what I had ordered, so I didn't realize that I was 'missing' something. But they look great! and will love having to replace the old -- old-- old one I have been using for years! lol.. (Posted on 3/15/2018)
Review by:
Not much to say about the liner except..they do last several months! Yea as they really are not much fun to buy. (Posted on 3/15/2018)
Review by:
The replacement cups help me keep my diffuser in tip top condition. (Posted on 2/8/2017)
Review by:
Great price, fast shipping, great customer service! (Posted on 2/7/2017)
Review by:
love them. very inexpensive and 1 usually lasts for about 3 months (Posted on 2/6/2017)
Review by:
I bought my 2nd Whisper diffuser because I love the first one I purchased. The first one has lasted over 3 years and still going strong. Love this product
(Posted on 1/31/2017)
Review by:
what to keep up on my supplies for during the winter months (Posted on 1/24/2017)
Review by:
Very happy you have everything I need for my Whisper diffuser. (Posted on 1/23/2017)
Review by:
Everything that I have received from aromatools has turned out fantastic. (Posted on 1/20/2017)
Review by:
Replacement cups arrived very quickly and when there was a mixup in the order it was dealt with immediately and satisfactorily. (Posted on 1/19/2017)
Review by:
It's a little frustrating when some of the cups only last a few days (one didn't even make it a day!) I know not to let the oil mixture sit unused in the diffuser, but I never manage to have them last as long as you say--EVER! I love the diffuser, so I'm stuck with needing the cups. (Posted on 1/18/2017)
Review by:
Arrived quickly, quality as expected
(Posted on 1/16/2017)

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