Bent Stainless Steel Drink Straws (Pack of 4)


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Stainless steel straws are safe for taking essential oils internally. Safe for the environment too.


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I was very disappointed in these as they are too short. They need to be at least 11-12 inches long to fit in a 26 to 28 oz water bottle.
If you can get them that long it would be great.

AromaTools says: Thanks for your feedback. We currently only carry two stainless steel straws—these ones and our Straight Stainless Steel Drink Straws (item #9815Straight)—both are 8-1/2 inches long. We also carry glass straws(item #s 9820 and 9824) that measure 9-1/2 inches long. (Posted on 9/14/2018)
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I am glad to receive the steel drink straws for my smoothy. No need for plastic straws anymore. (Posted on 5/21/2018)
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Great item to use with the water bottle. (Posted on 4/17/2018)
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I have enjoyed my SS straws because I can use my oils with them. takes some time to get used to because they are metal *only slight thing- watch your teeth! :)
(Posted on 3/8/2018)

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