Modern Essentials Index Tab Stickers, 6th—7th Editions


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Make your copy of Modern Essentials (editions 6–7) even easier to use with handy index tab stickers!


Product Description

Make your copy of Modern Essentials (6th and 7th Editions) even easier to use with handy index tab stickers! Printed on transparent material in colors matching the inside book tabs, these external tabs allow you to see all tabs before and after.


  • 8 color-coded tabs to mark the beginning of each major section in the book.
  • A matching tab to mark the 'Dilution Reference Chart' in the "Personal Usage Guide" section.
  • A matching tab to mark the 'Daily Tips for an Essential Lifestyle' subsection of "The Science and Application of Essential Oils" section.
  • A matching tab to mark 'My Notes' at the end of the "Oil Blends" section.
  • 26 smaller matching alphabetic tabs to index the "Personal Usage Guide" section.
  • 3 smaller matching symbol tabs to mark the 'Essential Oil Application Methods: Topical, Aromatic, Internal' subsections of "The Science and Application" section.
  • A smaller matching heart tab to mark in the 'Daily Tips for an Essential Lifestyle' subsection of "The Science and Application" section.


Select a page in the book to place an index tab sticker. Remove the sticker from the paper backing. Carefully align the sticker so that the bottom of the colored area barely touches the edge of the page and lines up with the corresponding colored tab printed on the page. Rub the bottom of the sticker to secure it in place. Fold the top of the sticker backward at the top edge of the colored area so that it wraps around and adheres to the reverse side of the page. (Click on "Larger Photo" above, view 2, to see how the finished product should look.)


Review by:
Love the tab stickers! This will help me to locate an ailment or essential oils in my Modern Essential book quite easy. (Posted on 3/23/2018)
Review by:
Take the time to apply these tabs to your Modern Essentials book. Makes finding specific information very easy.

Sometimes it is difficult to get the tabs perfectly straight but they do pull off in order to reapply.
(Posted on 3/5/2018)
Review by:
I like the tabs. Because they are so small (and I know they have to be) they are difficult to put on straight.
(Posted on 3/5/2018)
Review by:
Love the stickers. Makes it so easy to find what I am looking for.
(Posted on 1/7/2017)
Review by:
Was making my own before I found this site. Looks so professional and makes it easier to find what I need. Now that my post its have been replaced with the aroma tools tabs I don't look like I'm in grade school.
(Posted on 1/6/2017)
Review by:
Love these stickers as they make the ME book so much easier to use. They are a little tricky to put on.
(Posted on 1/5/2017)
Review by:
The index tabs are great for the book, when you need to find things. However, I wish that they were a little more thick. They were so flimsy it was hard to get them to line up.
(Posted on 1/4/2017)
Review by:
Color coded to book.
Width of labels matches book.

These are not durable at all. They easily tear/rip.
Very thin. Can't grab one and turn to page - risk tearing page.
Hard to fold over consistently. Doesn't always line up.
Doesn't stick out past cover. Have to open book to see tabs.
Expensive for what you get.
Have left over labels that dont belong anywhere yet wish there was a few other labels (such as drug interactions-which to me is very important!).

AromaTools says: Thank you for your feedback. If you continue to experience an issue with your product, please contact Customer Service so that we can help you resolve your concern.
(Posted on 12/23/2016)
Review by:
Love these tabs (Posted on 12/22/2016)
Review by:
The tabs are too thin and fragile causing them to tear too easily. They need to have a thicker mil.
(Posted on 12/21/2016)
Review by:
Wasn't going to get these at first cause of the price for Tab stickers but found I was spending quite a bit of time thumbing through the book trying to find the sections I needed. Well, I'm quite glad I got these Tabs cause sorting through the book now is so much easier and getting the information I want more efficient. So, yes I would highly recommend these especially if your researching constantly in your book like I am.
(Posted on 12/20/2016)
Review by:
Was so excited to be able to label the areas in my book so I can find them more easily. (Posted on 12/19/2016)
Review by:
Great way to find things quickly! (Posted on 12/16/2016)

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