Invigorate USB and Car Diffuser


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A super-compact USB diffuser doubles as a car diffuser and combines the power of low-heat evaporation and evaporative circulation—plus, no parts to clean, just replace the pads!


Product Description

Whether you're driving around or simply near your laptop or tablet, this versatile essential oil diffuser is ready to serve! The super compact unit features 2 power source options—standard USB connector and 12V DC car outlet adapter—for freedom and flexibility. The patent-pending design combines low-heat evaporation and air circulation from a tiny, silent fan. A blue LED light illuminates when the unit is connected to power. Removable scent pads let you easily change oils or refill the diffuser.


  • Standard USB connector fits many types of electronic devices.
  • Separate 12V DC car outlet adapter maximizes portability.
  • Adjustable damper controls aroma intensity.
  • Patent-pending design combines heat evaporation and air circulation for maximum efficiency.
  • Stainless steel oil pan won't rust or tarnish.
  • Internal microcontroller regulates a consistent, long-lasting output level.
  • Electrical fuse ensures safe operation.
  • Extra wicks enable a quick change of essential oils.
  • Blue LED light illuminates when diffuser connects to power.

Contents: 1 USB diffuser, 1 detachable 12V DC car charging adapter, 5 removable wicks, and 2 extra O-ring washers.

Diffusion: Evaporative and heat combination.

Dimensions: USB and car adapters connected—4" long x 1" diameter; USB connector—2¼" long x 1" diameter; Car adapter—2¼" long x 1" diameter.

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Diffuser Blends on a Budget
Diffuser Blends on a Budget


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