Recipe Cards:

Set up in an easy printable format, this PDF contains 4 recipe cards total: a Homemade Flea Collar, a Fruit Smoothie, a Homemade Gentle Scouring Scrub, and a Cooling Aloe Vera Peppermint Lotion recipe. Each recipe is fun, easy, and features an everyday use for essential oil.
*Note: If you are using Mozilla Firefox the built-in PDF viewer may have difficulties displaying some fonts and the colors in this document. When you download the document it will open with your computer's default PDF program and the cards should load correctly.

AromaTools™ Catalog:

This free catalog is packed with the latest essential oil tools, information, and business-building resources available from AromaTools™! Whether you are introducing someone to essential oils, putting together a team order, or simply looking for the best tools on the market to help you learn, use, share, and succeed™ with essential oils, this catalog is your on-hand resource.

AromaTools™ Essential Ideas:

AromaTools™ has an entire section of free recipes and teaching resources, many of which are available in an easily printable format. Click here for a glossary of topics, including Animal Care, Babies and Children, Blending Oils, and more.

AromaTools™ Videos:

Looking for content to share at your class? Feel free to use any of our promotional videos at your event to show how some of our customers use a variety of our products.

AromaTools™ Blog:

Our blog is another valuable resource you can refer to while teaching your next class! In addition to product spotlights, it addresses many facets of a naturally healthy lifestyle: recipes for cooking, crafts, cleaning, and personal care. The blogs also focus on education and marketing: essential oil basics, diffuser blends, class ideas, business-building tips, and the wealth of information in Modern Essentials™.