"Clary Sage & the Super Scary Zombies" Plush Diffuser Doll


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Diffuse calming and nighttime oils with this cute, plush, zombie doll to keep scary stuff at bay for a restful sleep!


Product Description

Diffuse essential oils with this cute plush, zombie doll to help keep all the zombies, monsters, and ghosts at bay! To use, simply open the velcro on the back of the doll's head and apply a few drops of Clary Sage Jones' "Valiant" blend or any other essential oil or blend to the brain.

Size: 12" tall x 4½" wide x 2" deep.


Review by:
We bought four zombies for our four zombies (our children) ... I was skeptical and didn't know how well the doll would actually "diffuse". The doll works AMAZING! It smells so good for so long with so little...I mean 3 drops on the brain is more than enough. I put 5 drops of cinnamon on one and it smelled for 2 weeks and longer! I am floored with how well the doll actually diffuses the oils. Great find for kids...and even adults. LOVE OUR ZOMBIES ♡ (Posted on 12/18/2018)

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