White Whisper Premium Silent Misting Diffuser (Pack of 4)


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Meet the Whisper, our premium therapeutic diffuser with the most positive reviews by customers!

  1. • Timed diffusion settings up to 9 hours.
  2. • Coverage up to 1,000 square feet.
  3. • Essential oils separated from ultrasonic disc.
  4. • Low-cost replacement parts.
  5. • Limited 1-year warranty.

Product Description

Meet the Whisper, our premium diffuser with the most positive reviews by customers! A resuable/disposable plastic cup holds your oils in water so that they never touch the state-of-the-art ultrasonic disc. A timer cord features 6 settings for therapeutic diffusion lasting from 50 minutes to 9 hours. The Whisper cleans easily, runs quietly, conserves oils, and functions with durable replacement parts. This high-quality machine is a worthwhile investment in your family's health—includes a 1-year limited warranty.

Contents: 4 diffusers, 4 timer cords, and 20 reusable/disposable oil and water cup liners. (Click here to view replacements parts.)

Diffusion: Ultrasonic.

Dimensions: 8" tall x 3½" wide x 3½" deep.

Coverage: Up to 1,000 square feet.

Instructions: The first time you use your new Whisper diffuser, fill the base and liner cup to the fill lines with tap water. Set the timer to the "50m" setting, and let the diffuser run until it produces a good quantity of mist. This will cleanse the mechanism of any oils left over from the manufacturing process. It may take the full 50 minutes to complete this cleaning process.


The video below describes many of the features that set this diffuser apart from the rest. (We have also created 2 other videos under the User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions tabs at the top of this description box.) Please watch the following video, and also read below what makes the Whisper unique.

Additional Features:

  • Uses heat-free, humidifying diffusion.
  • Breaks essential oils into therapeutic microparticles.
  • Accommodates thick oils.
  • Diffuses quietly.
  • Contains durable parts (with inexpensive replacements).
  • Cleans easily.
  • Conserves oil.
  • Offers 6 timer options for diffusion up to 9 hours.
  • Includes a white LED light with on/off switch.
  • Shuts off automatically when water in base drops below minimum level.
  • Oil and water cup made from BPA-free, PET-1 plastic (highest grade).
  • Automatically adjusts to input voltage from 110–240 VAC, 47–63 Hz. (Further adaptation may be needed in some countries.)

This is truly a worry-free product!

Free Essential Oil Diffusing Guide.

Features and Specs

NOTE: Proper use of your diffuser will ensure optimum performance and longevity. Make sure you understand how the diffuser functions before operating. This diffuser contains several important parts:

Water Tank and Ultrasonic Disk:

  • Only water is to be placed in the base, never oil. The Ultrasonic Disc in the base of the diffuser vibrates at 2.5 million times a second, creating a mist of ultra-fine microparticles. Adding oils to the base can interfere with this operation. The oil goes in the flexible liner cup, mentioned below. Water is needed to trigger vibrations in the ultrasonic disc and the diffuser will not operate without it. Checking the water levels after each diffuser cycle is a good practice. Ideally, water should be changed every other day, or once a week at the very least. Regular tap water is needed for the diffuser to mist properly as it requires minerals in the water to operate.
  • When the water level falls below the water level sensor, the diffuser turns off automatically. Keep the water level between the minimum and the maximum lines located on the sides, inside the base, preferably just above the minimum line. Water level can vary upon altitude, so you may need to adjust the water level between these lines for maximum mist output.
  • If the diffuser isn’t misting properly, adjust this water level to find the optimal level for your altitude. After finding the optimal water level for your location, you can use a permanent marker to mark this level on the side of the tank so you can easily refill the tank to the correct level.

Flexible Liner Cup:

  • The flexible liner cup stores both water and oil. This liner prevents oil from reaching the ultrasonic disc and interfering with its vibrations. Adding just the right amount of water is essential for proper operation. Use the included measuring cup to fill the liner with water, then insert 2-6 drops of essential oil. Remember that the oil goes in the liner cup, never in the measuring cup or the water tank in the base of the diffuser.
    NOTE: Drier climates may need an additional 2-3 tsp. of water if the water runs out before the diffuser finishes a cycle.
  • Should your diffuser be performing below its norm, it’s also a good idea to ensure correct water levels in the plastic liner cup. Sometimes smoothing the cup with your finger can help the mist disperse properly and prevent air pockets.
  • This plastic cup has been tested to work with the strongest oils, like lemon and cinnamon, and has a recommended usage life of 2-3 months, but may last longer depending on usage. Inexpensive replacement cups are also available at AromaTools.

Splash Guard:

  • The round splash guard keeps water inside the diffuser. Keep it in place when operating the diffuser to keep water from entering the corner holes and draining out the bottom.

Clear Cover and Directional Nozzle:

  • The clear square cover and directional nozzle direct the mist output of the diffuser. Do not attempt to remove the nozzle after attaching it to the clear cover as it may cause the cover to crack. If you need to change the direction of the mist, rotate the square clear cover and directional nozzle together.


  • The timer can be set to run with continuous output for 50 minutes or off and on for up to 9 hours. Press the power button to turn on the timer. Then, use the SET button to select your interval. Interval modes will set the diffuser to output for 15 seconds with varying rest periods starting from 15 seconds up to 2 minutes. Options include: 50 minutes continuous, 2 hours of output with 15 seconds of diffusion and a 15 second rest period, up to 9 hours of output with 15 seconds of diffusion and a 2 minute rest period.
  • The diffuser is designed so that the water in the cup lasts the duration of each timer setting.

Blue LED Light:

  • The blue LED at the base of the diffuser can also be turned on and off. Make sure there is no water in the diffuser when turning the base over to access the switch or be careful lifting the diffuser so that no water leaks out.

Cleaning the Diffuser:

  1. Make sure the diffuser is unplugged.
  2. Empty water from the flexible cup and water tank by pouring it out the notched side of the diffuser.
  3. Using a soft, damp cloth, wipe out the inside of the water tank, the exterior of the diffuser base, and wherever else may be needed.
  4. Poke the cloth through the directional nozzle to clean it without removing it from the clear cover.
  5. Place a small amount of alcohol in the flexible liner cup. Dip a Q-tip in the alcohol and gently clean the ultrasonic disc in the base of the diffuser as well as the flexible liner cup.
A disinfecting wipe or damp paper towel with cleaning solution works well on tough oil residue. However, cleaning solution with Lemon essential oil could damage the plastic, so use standard precautions if you are used to cleaning with Lemon essential oil.
Frequent cleaning will keep your diffuser looking new and allow you to enjoy its long-lasting performance.


  • Make sure you are placing water in 2 places - the flexible liner cup and in the base of the diffuser. Oil should only go in the flexible liner cup.

  • If you want to use distilled water, that is fine IF you add a pinch of salt to the water in the base. The diffuser is designed to use the minerals in the water to create the vibrations. Distilled water doesn't have minerals and will not create mist unless you add some minerals by putting a small pinch of salt in the water. Otherwise, tap water works just fine.

  • You can use the flexible liner cup up to several months. Some have used it for up to a year! It all depends on how much you use the diffuser. However, if you think the diffuser isn't misting as much as it did before, try putting a new cup in and see if that fixes the problem.

  • You can mark the flexible liner cup or base of the diffuser with a permanent marker to help you easily refill right to the water line you have found works the best. This saves time in trying to find your measuring cup each time you start a new cycle. However, do keep your measuring cup with your extra flexible liner cups so you can easily mark those when you switch cups.

  • If your Whisper sounds noisy, that is usually caused by oils getting on the vibrational chip, causing corrosion, or by water and oil getting in the motor and fan when the unit gets tipped over. Cleaning the Ultrasonic Disk in the base of the diffuser may help. Never put oils in the base of the diffuser!

  • Sometimes with a lot of usage the directional tip can become sealed to the square top making it difficult to remove. This is due to erosion caused by the oils while diffusing. DON'T TRY TO REMOVE IT. Leave it alone and just rotate the square top if you need to change the direction of the mist output.

Frequently Asked Questions

My diffuser is not misting properly, is it defective?

Click to watch the video

If you feel your diffuser is not misting correctly, here are a few things to check before thinking it is defective:
  • First, take note of the water level in the base of the diffuser. It is recommended to keep the water between these two lines. The recommended amount is just above the minimum line, but this can vary upon location and diffuser. Too much or too little water can change the output of the mist.  You can experiment with different water levels, using the max and min guidelines, to see what works for your environment.
  • Be conscious of the condition of the flexible liner/cup.  Smooth out the flexible liner as best as you can with a finger to reduce the risk of air pockets forming. The included measuring cup is used for filling the liner cup. Make sure not to fill beyond the indicated line.  Introducing too much or too little water may cause the diffuser to mist improperly or run out of water before the timer finishes its cycle.
  • Also, make sure the diffuser is put together properly with all the pieces included as described in the User Guide.  Setting the diffuser to output continuously is a good way to verify that things are functioning normally as the other settings cause the diffuser to output at various intervals.
  • Cleaning the Ultrasonic Disc in the base of the diffuser with a Q-tip and a little alcohol could solve the misting problem if the diffuser has slowly reduced its output over time.
My diffuser is ‘leaking’ and water is coming out the bottom, what should I do?

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  • If you notice water coming out of the diffuser, it’s likely the splash guard is not in place.  Make sure all the parts are assembled properly as shown in the user guide instructions and make sure water amounts are at the specified levels.
My cup has melted!

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  • Putting too much water in the flexible liner cup can weigh it down preventing proper vibration which risks melting. Using poor quality oils in the liner cup could ruin it and could potentially damage your diffuser.  We recommend you use certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils--like those from doTERRA- for which the product has been tested for optimum compatibility. If the cup melts or becomes deformed it will need to be replaced.
How do I turn the blue light off?

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  • At the bottom of the base of the diffuser is a switch that allows you to turn the blue LED light on and off.  Make sure there is no water in the diffuser when turning the base over to access the switch otherwise be careful lifting the diffuser so that no water leaks out.
Where do I put the oil?

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  • The only place oils should be added is in the flexible liner cup.  Do not put oil in the base of the diffuser. If oil is placed in the base of the diffuser, damage can occur to the ultrasonic disc. Also, never add oils to the measuring cup before filling the flexible liner cup. The measuring cup is not designed to be oil-resistant and is for measuring water only.  The flexible cup is specially designed to hold oil and has been tested with undiluted lemon and cinnamon oil left in the cup for 2-3 weeks without damage.


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