Dark Green Aroma Ready Compact Versatile Aromatherapy Case (Holds 60 Vials)

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This compact aromatherapy case is the ultimate in convenient, versatile storage. Its has 3 strategically-designed compartments to provide ample space for oil vials, a diffuser, and marketing materials. But it's still small enough to easily carry and display wherever you go!

The 2 outer compartments have mesh dividers that hold 12 vials, 5–15 ml size, in an upright position. The center compartment sports a foam insert, allowing you to pack 36 more vials, 5–15 ml size—or just leave the insert out to fit whatever else you need.

Click here to also see additional foam inserts that can accommodate 2 styles of popular diffusers.

Contents: 1 case with a detachable, adjustable should strap and 1 foam insert.


  • Carries many items in a small space.
  • Holds 24 oil bottles upright in 2 outer, zippered compartments.
  • Includes a foam insert for 36 vials.
  • Offers additional outside pocket for marketing materials, pamphlets, or booklets.
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