2 dram Amber Glass Vials, Orifice Reducers, and Black Caps (Pack of 6)

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A convenient shape and size for using, blending, and diluting essential oils.

  1. • Orifice reducer controls oil flow by drops.
  2. • Dark vial color protects oils from UV light.
  3. • Sized for standard lid and bottle labels.


Product Description

These vials are small enough to carry with you, yet big enough to hold a fair amount of essential oil.

Volume: 2 drams (¼ oz., 1½ t., or ~150 drops). Container Size Comparison Chart

Neck: 18-400. (Click to view other bottles and tops with the same neck size.)

Dimensions: 2¼" tall x ¾" diameter.


  1. Add oil from another bottle using a plastic pipette, syringe, or glass dropper. Our 12 ml Curved Tip Syringe (#9263) works well because the tip can fit through the orifice reducer, allowing you to transfer oil without removing the orifice reducer.
  2. With oil in the bottle, place the orifice reducer in the hole and press until fully inserted. (If using the 12 ml Curved Tip Syringe, put the oil in the vial after inserting the orifice reducer.)
  3. Twist the cap on, and label the vial. We have both circle lid labels and rectangle vial labels that fit our 2 dram bottles.


Review by:
Excellent (Posted on 1/17/2017)
Review by:
These vials are good for mixing oil recipes and for sharing larger amounts of essential oils with others.
(Posted on 1/16/2017)
Review by:
It is perfect for personal blend and it holds good amount of oils that will last for long time.
(Posted on 1/13/2017)
Review by:
these are perfect for my travel oil tin box. i can fit four bottles in my box and there's room for a few small pipettes, empty capsules, and a few cotton pads for diffusing.
(Posted on 1/12/2017)
Review by:
(Posted on 1/10/2017)

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