8 oz. Clear Plastic Oval Bottle with Natural Foamer Pump

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Dispense rich, luxurious foaming soap with this pump bottle that will also make your liquid soap last longer!


Product Description

This foamer pump bottle is an ingenious way to make your liquid soap last longer! Simply pour a small amount of soap in the bottom and fill the remaining space with water. The pump dispenses lots of rich, luxurious foam instead of just straight liquid soap. The clear plastic complements any kitchen or bathroom. A fun way to encourage kids to wash their hands!

Contents: 1 foamer pump bottle.

Volume: 8 oz.—1 c.

Dimensions: 7" tall x 3" wide.


  1. Cover the bottom of the bottle with soap concentrate (⅛" to ¼" high).
  2. Fill remaining space with water
  3. Screw the pump securely onto bottle (clockwise).
  4. If the pump becomes stiff or hard to use, remove it from bottle, and place the bottom of the tube in warm, soapy water. Work the pump action a few times until the water comes out. Allow to sit for 5 minutes, and then pump again with the dip tube in warm, plain water to rinse. Remove dip tube from water, and continue pumping until the tube is empty.
  5. If the pump still doesn't work, try reducing the amount of soap concentrate.
  6. To lock the pumping mechanism for storage or travel, simply press the head of the pump all the way down and twist (clockwise) into locked position. Twist counter-clockwise to unlock.

For information about the types of plastics in our containers and their safety with essential oils, please click here.


Review by:
I like these for my homemade hand soaps! (Posted on 9/17/2018)
Review by:
Makes a lovely foam. (Posted on 6/26/2018)
Review by:
Bought these because they looked like something I already own, but they are cheaply constructed and the tubing doesn't reach the bottom of the bottles. We'll see how long they last. (Posted on 5/21/2018)
Review by:
Great quality. Perfect for homemade soap! (Posted on 5/14/2018)
Review by:
love (Posted on 5/11/2018)
Review by:
I do not like permanent advertising. These dispensers are plain, and clear. They work well and made me realize how much soap I was actually purchasing! About two tablespoons of soap in each bottle. Makes the store soaps very expensive. (Posted on 5/7/2018)
Review by:
Great product that works great for my homemade oil based body wash! (Posted on 5/2/2018)
Review by:
Plastic of the bottles is fairly flimsy (one arrived dented) but they were so well-priced that - to be honest - I wasn't expecting a super high quality product! I'm still happy with them and they will do the job of helping clients learn how to make a natural foaming hand soap. (Posted on 4/30/2018)
Review by:
Sometimes bottles like this only last a short time. I just started using this a few days ago and it works great so far. I really like the way the top "locks". I don't have to push down the pump and dispense the soap to get it to lock. I make the soap at home but use it at work, so it travels and this is an important feature. (Posted on 4/18/2018)
Review by:
Used before-nice and good way to put on soap. (Posted on 4/18/2018)
Review by:
Received my shipment in a timely manner. The dispensers all looked to be in good shape and seem to be working just fine so far. No complaints! (Posted on 4/12/2018)
Review by:
As advertised
Nice foamer bottles (Posted on 3/20/2018)
Review by:
Just right for homemade hand sanitizer for the kids' lunch boxes and my purse! (Posted on 3/15/2018)
Review by:
This item works great! Foams up my homemade hand soap with ease, and dispenses very well. Would purchase again! (Posted on 3/12/2018)
Review by:
I'm sold on: Clear plastic with no adverts; Soft white pump; Large enough capacity (will last a month before refill in a busy sink) with small enough footprint; Spring appears sturdy. I'm not sold on the locking mechanism. It can easily turn and unlock on its' own. If you're not using it to travel, then it's perfect for a wash or powder room.
(Posted on 3/7/2018)

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