8.5 oz. Glass Carrier Oil Dispenser


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Provides drip-free portion control for dispensing all kinds of carrier oils!


Product Description

This high-quality, eco-friendly glass dispenser provides drip-free portion control for dispensing all kinds of carrier oils! Marked with teaspoon, tablespoon, and milliliter measurements. Press the button on the side to draw oil from the bottom reservoir into the top measuring flask. Then, simply pour out the oil. It's that easy!

Contents: 1 dispenser. (Carrier oil not included.)

Volume: 8½ oz. (~ 250 ml).

Dimensions: 9" tall x 3½" in diameter.

Instructions: Simply push the pump on the side and allow the measuring chamber to fill as needed. Then, simply pour out the oil.


Review by:
I purchased this bottle for my FCO. The top part that screws on the glass bottom the plastic broke. They sent me a new top for it now the very top of it that the oil gets pump into the plastic is broken. (Posted on 12/27/2019)
Review by:
As mentioned previously, this container was a HUGE disappointment. I have had great luck with a pump dispenser that I purchased from DoTerra specifically for the FCO they sell. (Posted on 1/22/2019)
Review by:
Just like so many others, I was disappointed after thinking that this was the magic solution for ease of topping off bottles at make n takes -- it was not to be!! Very messy, very disappointing -- and when I asked for a refund - I was disappointed again - no refunds, no returns! :(
Heed everyone's warning - don't get this for your essential oil biz! It will not do what you hoped! Find a skinny funnel or use pipettes - this is not worth it! (Posted on 12/14/2018)
Review by:
I really thought this would be a great way to dispense my FCO, but after only a couple weeks, the plastic ring inside the top portion crumbled leaving the bottle basically useless. Of course I didn't know this happened until I tried to pour out some oil and it leaked all over the bottle and me. I like the idea, but it sure needs some Improvements made. (Posted on 6/27/2018)
Review by:
Pretty much like the others I had a bad experience. Was so excited to get this. NOT DRIPLESS! Dropped all over and wasted so much oil. I tried several different methods. Also, there really aren’t any instructions. I’m super disappointed and if I could get credit for this that would be acceptable.

I’m going back to the soy sauce dispenser! (Posted on 6/14/2018)
Review by:
I purchased this bottle to use for Fractionated Coconut Oil. I found it to be both cumbersome and wasteful. In addition, the plastic cap broke soon after i received the bottle which rendered it totally useless. Please consider carefully before purchasing. (Posted on 5/23/2018)
Review by:
Great bottle for carrier oil. Keeps the oil from running everywhere. (Posted on 3/15/2018)
Review by:
I was so excited to try these out, after wasting so much FCO when using the doTerra bottle. Hmmmm, not so much. I just spilled oil all over the place, came out down the side of the dispenser instead of out of the spout. The lid doesn't stay on. And, same story as the previous comment, all over the roller ball, making it impossible to stick a label on.
And I have 3 of these.....oh well, lesson learnt. (Posted on 2/28/2018)
Review by:
I was excited to get this to fill my rollers with carrier oil, but after having it here are my thoughts... it's bulky, yes, it holds about 12oz(?) of carrier oil, but after getting it I realized i didn't need something that holds SO much. For those that fill lots of rollers it may come in handy.
We are in the middle of winter and my office is near our wood stove, so with the heat comes pressure inside the bottle which pushes oils up into the dispensing part, so I have to keep emptying it back into the main body of the container--a bit messy and definitely inconvenient.
Yesterday I was filling a roller and it made a mess all over the outside when pouring from the dispenser into the roller--since I was then needing to put stickers on the roller I had to clean the bottle in order to apply stickers and have them stick.
Overall, this COULD be a handy, too, but for me there are other cleaner, more convenient ways of filling my rollers.
I hope this was helpful for you. :-) (Posted on 2/7/2018)

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