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  1. "Aroma Inhalers" Make-&-Take Workshop Kit

    SKU: 1712

    The "Aroma Inhalers" Make & Take Workshop Kit is a super starting point for a successful class.

  2. Nasal Inhalers (Pack of 6)

    SKU: 9305

    Take your oil aromas with you but leave the bottles at home! Great for illness, allergies, mental focus, and emotional support. Also a mess-free way to share samples.

  3. Deluxe Aromatherapy Inhaler

    SKU: 9173

    A sleek and convenient way to take your favorite oil aroma wherever you go!

  4. "Aroma Inhalers" Recipe Sheets (Pack of 25)

    SKU: 1712Recipes

    Do you need more recipe sheets for your "Aroma Inhalers" Make & Take Workshop Kit? Here they are!

  5. "Aroma Inhalers" Waterproof Label Sets (Sheets of 12)

    SKU: 1712Labels

    These labels match the recipes in our "Aroma Inhalers" Make & Take Workshop Kit.

  6. "Aroma Inhalers" Assorted Waterproof Label Set (Sheet of 12)

    SKU: 1712AST

    Need extra label sets for the "Aroma Inhalers" Make-&-Take Workshop Kit?

  7. Therapeutic Blending with Essential Oil, by Rebecca Park Totilo

    SKU: 8805

    Discover how to create powerful therapeutic blends for almost any physical or emotional symptom.

  8. 45-drop, Fine-tip Plastic Disposable Pipette

    SKU: 9267A

    Easily create samples and transfer liquids with inexpensive, disposable pipettes!

  9. Family Care Kit

    SKU: 9551bDT

    Provides the perfect containers for making your own natural first aid kit—instruction sheet included.

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  10. 45-drop, Fine-tip Plastic Disposable Pipettes (Pack of 25)

    SKU: 9267

    Easily create samples and transfer liquids with these inexpensive, disposable plastic pipettes!

10 Item(s)
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