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  1. Aroma Beads (Pack of 50)

    SKU: 8740B

    Gently diffuse your favorite essential oils all day long with these oil-absorbent beads.

  2. Aroma Bead Necklace (Pendant and Chain Only)

    SKU: 8740A

    Stylishly diffuse your aroma beads wherever you go!

  3. Aroma Bead Sachet Bag

    SKU: 8740C

    Sprinkle your favorite essential oil on a few of our Aroma Beads (sold separately) and put them in this sachet bag.

  4. Essential Oils: A Beginner's Guide, by Stephanie Tourles

    SKU: 8844

    Restore your body, boost your mood, relax your senses, and invigorate your mind with essential oils. This friendly guide introduces you to the 25 most versatile essential oils, teaching you how to use these highly concentrated plant extracts safely and effectively.

4 Item(s)
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