"Essential Oil Basics" Booklet by Jen Eden Clark, 2nd Edition (Pack of 10)


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Exactly what you need for introducing someone to essential oils and learning more yourself.

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"As essential oils continue to grow in popularity, learning valid facts is increasingly important. Much has been written in various formats . . . [and] it [can become] difficult to know what is fact and what is fiction."

Exactly what you need for introducing someone to essential oils and learning more yourself. It gives the maximum amount of clearly stated facts using a minimum of words, so it is not overwhelming. Referring back to information is easy too.

Most useful is the Practical Applications section with instructions for making 5 Easy Blends using common essential oils and explaining how to use them for a variety of common ailments. No brand names of any company are used. There is even a link to an unbiased educational website for even more information about essential oils, but no links for buying them.

Written by a Registered Aromatherapist with nearly two decades of practical experience using essential oils for family and friends and more recently for clients. She has an unbiased understanding of the world of aromatherapy as it relates to MLMs and professional aromatherapists. This book is valuable and unique, because both groups have approved it.

Objective: Marketing. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Contents: 10 booklets.

Publication: 2nd Edition.

Pages: 63.

Languages: English and Spanish. (*See drop-down menu above for options currently available.)

Dimensions: 4¾" wide x 4¾" tall.


Jen Eden Clark is a Registered Aromatherapist with two decades of practical experience using essential oils for friends, family, and clients. She has an unbiased understanding of aromatherapy as it relates to multilevel marketing and professional aromatherapists. Jen focuses on the giving actual facts about essential oils and their safe use, allowing the reader to choose their own methods of use based on truth and knowledge.

Table of Contents

Why This Guide?
What Are Essential Oils and What Is Aromatherapy?
How Do Essential Oils Work?
Why Essential Oils?
What Can I Expect from Essential Oils?
How Do I Use Essential Oils?
What Is Dilution of Essential Oils? Is It Necessary?
Essential Oil Dose and Dilution Recommendations
How Do I Safely Use Essential Oils?
What Risks or Side Effects do they have?
What About Ingesting Oils? Is It Safe?
What Is the Difference Between Irritation and Sensitization?
How Do I Know if I Am Sensitive to an Essential Oil?
Why Are Essential Oils Called Oils? Are They Greasy? Do They Go Rancid?
Who Can Use Essential Oils?
When Do I Use Essential Oils?
Why Do Some People Dilute Essential Oils and Others Do Not?
Does Diluting Essential Oils Make Them Weaker or Less Effective?
Why Do Some People Use Large Quantities of Essential Oils and Others Much Less?
Where and How Do I Apply Essential Oils?
Inhalation, Oral Administration, and Topical Application
How Do I Store Essential Oils?
How Long Do Essential Oils Last?
Why Are Essential Oils "So Expensive?"
Practical Applications:
Five Easy DIY Blends and Basic Guidelines
Essential Oil List
Ear, Nose, and Throat
Cleansing Wounds
Peace and Contentment
Occasional Nausea, Indigestion, or Bloating
Green Cleaning Ensemble
Quality: Is it a Big Deal?
What Is the Difference Between Pure, Therapeutic, Therapeutic-Grade, Organic, and Wild-Crafted Essential Oils?
What Quality Testing is Done to Essential Oils?
Why Can't I Just Buy the Least Expensive Essential Oils?
How Do I Find Pure and Potent Essential Oils?
ISO /FNOR Standards—Are they adequate?
Myths and Misconceptions About Essential Oils: Do They Exist?
List of Essential Oils—Hazardous, Irritant, Sensitizing, Pregnancy-Friendly, Gentle Edibles


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This booklet is cram pack full of great information. Very easy to read and such a great resource for individuals just starting their journey with essential oils or the expert.
(Posted on 3/8/2018)

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