Do-It-Yourself Essential Oil Spray Labels—Assorted (Sheet of 10)

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Color-coded spray bottle labels are a fun, stylish way to identify custom sprays you can make and use every day around the home or office.

Colorful spray bottle labels make it easy to identify custom sprays that you can make and use every day in the home or office. These glossy labels have a special over-laminate to ensure that oils won't smear the ink or loosen the adhesive. The labels fit perfectly on our 2 oz., 4 oz., and 8 oz. blue glass spray bottles. You can use our "Do-It-Yourself Essential Oil Sprays Recipe Sheet" Tear Pad for recipes for each of these sprays. (Remember, spray blends make great gifts!) Or, feature these recipes during your next class with our "Essential Oil Sprays" Make-&-Take Kit!

Note: Click here for entire label sheets of each spray.

Contents: 1 of each label–Calm Me Down Spray, Holiday Spice Room Spray, Lavender Linen Pillow Spray, Lift Me Up Body Spray, Odor Eliminator Room Spray, Passion Body Spray, Refreshing Room Spray, Slim and Trim Body Spray, Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray, and #2 Toilet Spray. (Recipe sheets not included.)

Dimensions: 1¾" tall x 4" wide (each label).

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