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  1. "Crystal Rainbow Meditation" CD by Janice Johnson and Pierre Garreaud

    SKU: 8647DVD

    Align your chakras to achieve total relaxation with this guided mediation exercise.

  2. 20 Radio Talk Shows about Essential Oils CD with Kristine Emanuelson

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    SKU: 7803CD

    Kristine Emanuelson, a radio talk show host, brings you this CD compilation of 20 popular radio programs about using essential oils at home.

  3. "Elevation Climb: A Journey of Emotional Healing" CD

    SKU: 8251CD

    Refresh and renew yourself with soothing piano music and aromatherapy! Includes a booklet explaining the background and purpose behind each song and recommending specific essential oils to diffuse while listening.

  4. "Mastering the Art of Sensational Starts" CD by Deb Erickson

    SKU: 8243StartCD

    "Mastering the Art of Sensational Starts" helps you transform your self identity and set your course for success.

  5. Affirmations for Women: Vol. 5, "Embracing Success" CD by Deb Erickson

    SKU: 8242SuccessCD

    Volume 5: "Embracing Success" will help you move purposefully into the success and achievement you desire. If you are looking to release unwanted doubt and fear, move up the career path, increase your business income, and become a top-producing leader, then this CD is for you.

  6. Affirmations for Women: Vol. 2, "Embracing Action" CD by Deb Erickson

    SKU: 8242ActionCD

    Volume 2: "Embracing Action" will help you move boldly into action regardless of past attempts, successes, or failures. Once you have allowed the mind to feel safe and secure with your intention to change, you are ready to get moving.

  7. Affirmations for Women: Vol. 4, "Embracing Abundance" CD by Deb Erickson

    SKU: 8242AbundanceCD

    Volume 4: "Embracing Abundance" will help you move gracefully into the abundance you desire. If you want to release unwanted debt, increase your financial flow, and create a feeling of more in your life, this recording has the affirmations you need to help you attain a higher plane of living.

  8. "Total Health Make-Over: Making the Wellness Pyramid Work for You" CD by Allison Larsen and Amber Peterson

    SKU: 7807CD

    "Everything is energy! That means even essential oils have a high vibrational frequency that raise your well-being."

  9. "Step Up & Shine" CD by Connie Boucher, LMT

    SKU: 7806CD

    If you've ever felt discouraged, depressed, overwhelmed, hopeless, or stuck in a rut—wishing for a better life—this CD is for you!

  10. "Buckets, Pipelines, & Essential Oils," by Rod Richardson and Seth Risenmay (5 CDs)

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    SKU: 7805CD
    Updated insights on creating cashflow with dōTERRA®.
    1. • Diamond-ranked authors.
    2. • Software and training company founders.
    3. • Proven methodology of top earners.
    4. • Suitable for sharing and classes.
  11. "The Opportunity for Freedom and Success" CD by Christian Overton and Mark Ewen

    SKU: 7801CD

    This professional CD is ideal for introducing prospects to the wonderful world of dōTERRA®.

11 Item(s)
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