Modern Essentials Comparison Chart—8th Edition

What is the difference between the 8th Edition Modern Essentials Products?

ME 8th Comparison Chart

With the Modern Essentials family, you're sure to find the perfect reference tool for any occasion.


  • Modern Essentials: The ultimate reference book on essential oils.
  • ME Usage Guide: A handy guide for the gym, office, car—anywhere or on-the-go.
  • Modern Essentials Living: The best ideas and recipes for an aromatherapy lifestyle, including cooking, crafts, body care, cleaning, oil blending, children’s activities, business classes, and more!
  • Modern Essentials in Other Languages: Dutch, German, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Slovak, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese.


  • Intro to ME: A brief introduction to essential oils and how to use them for 200+ conditions.
  • ME Reference Card: An at-a-glance reference for 40+ common conditions.
  • Intro to Essential Oils Tear Pad: A handout answering basic questions about essential oils—a great way to introduce people to their benefits.
  • Cooking with Essential Oils Handout: An overview including which oils to use, benefits of using them in cooking, guidelines for substituting oils for other seasonings, and other cooking tips.



  • ME Tab Stickers: Handy markers to make your Modern Essentials more accessible.

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