Essential Yoga Practice, by Mona Flynn, MS and Asti Atkinson


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Combines ancient practices with oils for synergistic well-being.

  1. • Integration of yoga, Ayurveda, and chakras.
  2. • Yoga effects on body and brain chemistry.
  3. • How essential oils enhance the experience.
  4. • 6 step-by-step yoga and oils sequences.
  5. • Photographs of all poses.
  6. • Companion tear pad and DVD available.


Product Description

Combining yoga and aromatherapy, Essential Yoga Practice: Your Guide to the New Yoga Experience with Essential Oils will show you how to combine two ancient health practices in a modern, synergistic wellness program for body, mind, and spirit! Whether a beginner to either practice, an experienced student, or even a teacher, this compliant and comprehensive manual will lead you to new levels of fitness and insight—and helps you understand that yoga is a place for every body, just like aromatherapy is beneficial to every body! For ease in learning and performing the yoga sequences, a companion "Essential Yoga Practice" DVD is also available.


  • Introduces the ancient art of yoga, its healing counterpart, Ayurveda; the chakras, energy centers of the body; and how yoga works with the body and brain chemistry.
  • Discusses what essential oils are, why therapeutic-grade oils benefit us, and how to use them.
  • Walks you step-by- step through 6 different yoga sequences using essential oils.
  • Presents photographs of all the poses.
  • Includes sequences for morning energy, strength, detoxification, partnering (nurturing relationships), sleep, and restoration.

Objective: Educational. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Publication: 2016.

Pages: 242.

Binding: Softcover.

Dimensions: 8 ½' wide x 11' tall x ¾' deep.


Mona Flynn, MS, has over 25 years of experience in wellness and fitness. She holds a master's degree in exercise physiology and is a registered yoga teacher with over 500 hours of experience (RYT 500E). She is a long-standing member of both the Yoga Alliance and the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Mona is co-owner of the Institute of Integrated Yoga Therapy, which offers yoga teacher training programs, and owner of Lifefit, Inc., a private yoga practice.

Asti Atkinson began her own natural wellness journey when she discovered essential oils in 1998, and she has been a dōTERRA® Wellness Advocate since 2010. She has educated thousands of people in groups around the world on the benefits of essential oils.


Table of Contents

Section 1: Introduction to Yoga
Yamas (Restraints)
Niyamas (Disciplines)
Asana (Physical Practice)
Pranayama (Breath Work)
Dharana (Concentration)
Samadhi (Enlightenment)
The Five Sheaths
Section 2: Ayurveda—The Sister Science of Yoga
Vata—The Energy of Movement
Pitta—The Energy of Transformation
Kapha—The Energy of Lubrication
Dosha Assessment
Ayurvedic Massage
Section 3: The Chakras—Energy Centers of the Body
Section 4: Benefits of Yoga
Section 5: How Yoga Makes You Fit
Yoga and Brain Chemistry
Section 6: Yoga Tips
Section 7: Essential Oils—What They Are and How They Benefit Us
What Are Essential Oils?
How Do Essential Oils Benefit Us?
Physical Wellness
Body Systems Support
Focus and Concentration
Emotional Wellness
Section 8: Essential Oils—Sourcing, Harvesting and Extraction Procedures
Author's Suggestions to Essential Oil Consumers
Section 9: Three Ways to Use Essential Oils
Section 10: Essential Oils—Chemical Versus Nutritional: What Essential Oils Are Not
Section 11: Essential Oils—Safety Guidelines
Section 12: How to Use Essential Oils With the Yoga Sequences in This Book
Section 13: Essential Yoga Practice Blog
Morning Sequence
Strengthening Sequence
Detox Sequence
Mom/Dad and Me (Partner) Sequence
Sleep Easy Sequence
Restorative Poses


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Yoga and oils are best friends...I prefer so much more than incense. This shows yoga poses and conducive oils to use during classes or your own session
(Posted on 3/8/2018)

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