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  1. SpOil Your Pet: A Practical Guide to Using Essential Oils in Dogs and Cats, by Mia Frezzo, DVM, and Jan Jeremias, MSC

    SKU: 1170
    Written by a veterinarian as a natural complement to traditional veterinary care.
    1. • Over 50 entries that include grooming, well-being, and health conditions.
    2. • Commonly recommended oils and original recipes for dogs and cats.
    3. • Includes references.
    4. • Bookmark available to equate blends with dōTERRA® brand names.
  2. "Pet Sprays" Make-It-Yourself Recipes and Label Set

    SKU: 1239Set

    Learn how to keep your pets healthy and your home smelling fresh with DIY products.

  3. "The Essential Pet" Recipe Booklet with Labels

    SKU: 8857
    Pets are people too, but each kind needs particular care with essential oils!
    1. • Guidelines and safety for cats, dogs, horses, and other small animals.
    2. • Both general products and special recipes by species.
    3. • All-natural ingredients.
    4. • Moisture-resistant container labels.
    5. • Great class idea for animal lovers.
    6. • From "The Essential DIY Recipe Series."
  4. Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats, by Skye Patterson, 2nd Edition

    SKU: 8972.v2

    Yes, you can safely use therapeutic-grade essential oils to improve the health of your pets. Here's how.

  5. Dog and Cat Reference Card, 2nd Edition (Pack of 10)

    SKU: 3697.v2

    You can use these reference cards as an introductory handouts (and bookmarks) on how to apply essential oils and blends for dogs and cats. Correlates with the popular book, Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats, 2nd Edition, by Skye Patterson.

  6. "Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats" Reference Cards (Pack of 25)

    SKU: 3696DogsCats
    Take along with you, your oils, and your pet!
    1. • Developed with a veterinarian.
    2. • One side for dogs; one for cats.
    3. • Alphabetical listing of conditions.
    4. • Single oil recommendations.
    5. • Application instructions and icons.
    6. • Durable, UV-coated card stock.
  7. "Spoil Your Pet" Bookmark

    SKU: 1170B
    Slip this in your copy of SpOil Your Pet to match generic blends with dōTERRA® brand names!
    1. • Quickly illustrates which blends work for dogs and cats.
    2. • Great gift for classes and prospective customers.
    3. • Printed on card stock with moisture-resistant UV coating.
  8. "Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats" Bookmark: Generic to Brand Names

    SKU: 8972Bookmark

    Slip this handy bookmark into your copy of Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats, 2nd Edition, to match generic blend names in the book with corresponding dōTERRA® brand names!

  9. My Makes "Pet Sprays for Dogs" Recipes and Label Set

    SKU: 1260Dogs

    Pamper your pooch and support health with 10 essential oil blends. Includes matching vial labels and lid stickers for 1 oz. (30 ml) spray bottles.

  10. My Makes "Pet Sprays for Cats" Recipes and Label Set

    SKU: 1260Cats

    Pamper and support your cat's health with 10 essential oil blends. Includes matching labels for 1 oz. spray bottles.

  11. The Animal Desk Reference: Essential Oil for Animals, by Melissa Shelton, DVM, 2nd Edition

    SKU: 9079

    Updated! Recommendations for safely using essential oils on all species of animals from the recognized authority in the field.

  12. Oils to the Rescue, by Sayde Kelly and Patty M Kelly

    SKU: 8965

    Addresses safety and precautions, essential oil application, dilution ratios, calming oils, immune system supporting oils, and soothing oils.

  13. "Fido & Felix"' Recipe Sheets (Pack of 10)

    SKU: 1706Recipes

    From the make & take workshop! Physical, emotional, and seasonal spray remedies for pets.

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  14. "Essential Oils for Horses" Recipe Tear Pad (25 Sheets)

    SKU: 1722TearPad

    A horse, of course, could use essential oils! Learn essential oil safety for horses and make your own horse care products with these simple recipes.

  15. Naturally Bug-Free, by Stephanie L. Tourles

    SKU: 8813

    Protect yourself, your children, your pets, and your home from all sorts of insects—without harsh or toxic chemicals!

  16. "Horse Care: Essential Oils Are for Everyone" Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3730.v2

    A horse, of course, could benefit from essential oils. Offers both a basic overview of oils and specific recommendations and recipes for equine health.

  17. Essential Oils for Dog Care Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3729.v2

    Promote better care for man's best friend with essential oils! Includes simple recipes.

  18. "Fido & Felix" Make & Take Workshop Kit

    SKU: 1706

    Try "Fido & Felix: A Make-&-Take Workshop Kit" for your next class on caring for dogs and cats.

  19. Fido and Felix: "Essential Oils for Dogs and Cats" Tear Pad (25 Sheets)

    SKU: 1706TearPad

    Dilution ratios, application methods, safety tips, and bonus recipes to complement the companion make & take kit.

  20. Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals, by Kristen Leigh Bell

    SKU: 9074

    Effective aromatherapy to support animal health and address common ailments in dogs, cats, and other pets.

  21. "Essential Oils for Cat Care" Tear Pad (50 Sheets)

    SKU: 3728

    You can help cat owners care for their precious pets with essential oils!

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