Personal Aromatherapy Compartment Inhaler (Holds 5 Oils)

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Carry a handful of oils in one compact inhaler!

  • Fill 5 sections with different oils or blends.
  • Move opening to inhale each aroma.
  • Small zipper case fits anywhere.
  • Carabiner included.

Take your oil aromas with you but leave the bottles at home! This unique inhaler is divided into five compartments.To use, simply slide the compartment doors to any section. We recommend labeling each compartment with Oil Lock™ circle labels so you can easily identify your oils. The inhaler's case slips easily into any bag or attaches with a carabiner.

Contents: 1 personal compartment inhaler, 1 zippered case, and 1 carabiner.

Diffusion: Evaporative.

Dimensions: 3" diameter x 1" deep.

Features: Holds 5 oils in separate compartments.

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