"Anchor to Your Strengths" Card Deck (34 Cards)

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Feeling inspired to use your strengths and want help getting started? We got you covered!

Do you want to start developing your natural strengths and putting them to work to be triumphant in business, your profession, or in your social life?

"The Anchor to your Strengths" Card Deck, is a beautiful, professionally illustrated set of cards that brings to the forefront almost every strength that is required to be productive in your day and achieve your goals, leaving you feeling refreshed and accomplished each day.

These cards are creatively designed and informative for daily use on how you can anchor particular strengths to achieve a task with the matching oil blends, for each one. Wonderful to use with your oil business team, as you will be able to equip them to nurture their own strengths for success.


  • Be more strategic with better strengths-based preparation.
  • Generate stronger networks with strengths-based inviting.
  • Create more effective classes and 1:1s with strengths-based presenting.
  • Make joining your team a natural experience with strengths-based enrolling.
  • Retain more of your leaders and customers with strengths-based supporting.
  • Renew your mission and progress with strengths-based belief building.

How to Use:

  • Use the cards to plan your monthly priorities and actions.
  • Use the cards to get to know your team and start mentoring.
  • Use the cards at team retreats and special events.

Objective: Marketing. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

Contents: 34 Strengths cards and 2 instructional cards.

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