"Anchor To Your Strengths" Booklet, by Melinda Brecheisen

A self-strength, empowering guide on how to use oils to grow and succeed.

"Anchor to your Strengths" is a simple, yet informative, life-empowering guide on which oils pair with which strengths and how you can reach your full potential by awakening your inner strengths.

Melinda J. Brecheisen, Strengths Coach and author of Anchor to Your Strengths, brings the science of Aromatic Anchoring to the world of Personal Development by showing us how to anchor our oils to our natural talents and authentic selves.

You are born with natural strengths but certain factors through your life may have given you doubt about the power of your strengths or you may be at a level where you no longer know what your strengths are.

It is very important to use your strengths at work, in business, or as a leader, in that you will have the power to use your strengths to be productive in your daily life and live more abundantly. In turn, positively motivating those around you.

There is no better way to Anchor to your Strengths than by matching your strengths to essential oils. This booklet will assist you in identifying which oils best match your strengths with the newest and most up-to-date chart!

This comprehensive booklet will teach you the technique, offers the most accurate and up to date chart on pairing Strengths to oils, and offers Top Tips on getting the most out of your day.

Amplify your strengths and talents with the compact condensed guide. For more in-depth guidance you may consider the comprehensive Anchor to Your Strengths book.

Objective: Marketing. (Click here for information on the difference between Educational and Marketing materials.)

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