Oil Lock Circle Labels for All doTERRA Oils and Blends, Plus Extras for New Oils, Mood, Cooking, Emotions, and Kids Sets

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Premium, moisture-proof labels for samples and your own collection. Extras for new and popular singles and blends.

  1. • 6 each for green mandarin, magnolia, pink pepper, turmeric.
  2. • 5 each for 23 food-safe cooking oils.
  3. • 26 each for popular mood blends: Balance®, Citrus Bliss®, Elevation®, Serenity®
  4. • 17 each for new emotion blends: Cheer®, Console®, Forgive®, Motivate®, Passion®, Peace®.
  5. • 6 each for kids' blends and more: Brave™, Calmer™, Rescuer™, Steady™, Stronger™, Thinker™, Yarrow Pom™.
  6. • 1 each for all other single oils and blends.
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