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Reed Diffuser
Reed Diffuser
This diffuser will wick the subtle aroma of your essential oils for several months!

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Reed Diffuser


  1. Rattan reeds:1015 reeds (10"12" in length) for each diffuser. This type of reed has many tiny tubes throughout that lift your scent up and into the air. Rattan reeds are available at many basket supply shops and online.
  2. Small vase or jar: Decorative vases or jars can be found at craft stores, dollar stores, floral supply stores, and many places online.
  3. Jojoba oil:1 1/2 oz. per diffuser. Jojoba oil helps thin the essential oils so they can more easily wick to the top of the reeds. It is available at many craft stores that sell soap/lotion-making supplies, as well as many health food stores. You can also use a common perfume base, isopropyl myristate, instead of jojoba oil to help the essential oils wick better.
  4. Essential oils: 250 drops. These give your diffuser its own unique scent and add therapeutic benefits.
  5. Decorative items: These add personal style to your diffuser. Some great items for inside the vase are polished river rocks, glass beads, marbles, decorative reeds, sticks, or grasses to add variety to the rattan reeds. To decorate the outside of the vase, try ribbons, rafia, swine, string, or beads.


  1. Mix 3 Tbsp. (1 1/2 oz.) jojoba oil and 250 drops of your desired essential oil or blend in a clean 2 oz. glass bottle.
  2. Decorate the small vase or jar as desired. Add any rocks, marbles, or glass beads desired to the inside of the vase or jar.
  3. Pour the jojoba and essential oil solution into the small vase or jar.
  4. Place 1015 rattan reeds into the vase or jar so that one end is immersed in the solution, and the other end is in the air.
  5. Place other decorative reeds, sticks, or grasses around rattan reeds as desired.
  6. Allow 2448 hours for the solution to wick to the top of the reeds and start scenting the air (Note: The aroma will be subtle, and may be masked if other strong scents are present).
  7. If desired, flip the rattan reeds over every 24 days to help boost the strength of the aroma.

More Ideas:

  1. If you are giving a diffuser as a gift, mix the solution in a clean 2 oz. glass bottle with a cap. Seal the cap on the bottle tightly to prevent it from leaking. Package the bottle with the solution, the small vase or jar, the rattan reeds, and any other decorative items in a basket or decorative box. Be sure to include instructions on assembling and using the diffuser.

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