1/2 oz. Travel Hand Sanitizer with Plastic Carrier


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Conveniently pack the included hand sanitizer or make your own. The carrier can also hold a 15 ml essential oil vial!


Product Description

This mini bottle filled with hand sanitizer comes in a nifty plastic carrier with hanging loop. The carrier can also hold a 15 ml essential oil bottle (not included). Easily scent this or your own natural product by adding essential oil and shaking well.

Dimensions: Bottle—2¾" tall x 1½" wide.


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I was looking for the small bottles of hand sanitizer that I used to buy at Walgreens. Now all the bottles are a couple of ounces. I wanted about a .5 oz bottle for easy transporting. I found them. Thank you. (Posted on 4/13/2018)
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Didn't realize these came with hand sanitizer in them. Not a huge problem, but I won't use it because of the ingredients, so I'll just have to clean them out and fill them with my own, which is why I got them in the first place. :-) (Posted on 3/15/2018)
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Really disappointed that these are filled with horrible ingredients! Triethanolamine is an anime produced by reacting ethylene oxide (highly toxic) with ammonia. Hazard statements: causes skin irritation/corrosion, serious eye damage/eye irritation. I would not put this on my hands and certainly not a child. I bought these so my customers could make their own hand sani with essential oils.

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(Posted on 10/21/2017)
Review by:
looking forward to using them with my grandchildren in the near future
(Posted on 1/25/2017)
Review by:
Works great!
(Posted on 1/24/2017)
Review by:
Wish I had read other reviews. I thought I was purchasing empty bottles to make my own hand sanitizer. This comes pre-filled with an ethyl alcohol based hand sanitizer. Its salvageable, but I'll have to empty them out and refill them.
(Posted on 1/23/2017)
Review by:
Perfect for purse or carrying with you
(Posted on 1/20/2017)
Review by:
Too bad I have to dump and clean it out first! :( How about filled with just 100% pure Aloe Vera and then we can just add our own oils WITH OUT THE ALCOHOL AND ETHYL!! :)
(Posted on 1/19/2017)
Review by:
(Posted on 1/18/2017)
Review by:
The strap on the bottles are perfect. you can hang them in your car, on your bike or simply throw it in your bag.
(Posted on 1/17/2017)
Review by:
I love the carrier - just wish it came as an empty bottle so we can make our onguard sanitizer for the kids. Much gentler on their hands.
(Posted on 1/16/2017)
Review by:
I thought this was an empty container, not a bottle full of a flammable product I don't even want to put on my hands. Wish I had read the reviews, I wouldn't have ordered them at all.
(Posted on 1/13/2017)
Review by:
I wish the hand sanitizers were all natural so the essential oil could be added and then they could be used. They smell amazing however I do not like the alcohol in them.
(Posted on 1/12/2017)

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