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December/January Monthly Specials
(Special prices expire on January 31, 2015, at midnight.)

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*Special pricing available only while supplies last.

Rollerball Remedies Make & Take Workshop Kit
The Rollerball Remedies Make & Take Workshop Kit is a great place to start in planning a basic introductory class. This workshop is great because it is interesting to those who are new to essential oils as well as to those who already use them. The kit includes all the paper materials that you need to host the workshop and create the blends (DT53).

Regular Price: $34.95 ea.

Special Price: $31.46 ea.

Aroma Ready® Roll-on Clutch
Keep your ⅓ oz. and ⅙ oz. roll-on bottles safe and organized! This stylish case holds up to 12 roll-on bottles in secure elastic straps. Each clutch case has a removable wrist strap as well as multiple pockets for your brochures, business cards, pass-along cards, etc. (9507).

Regular Pricing: 1-5: $17.95 ea., 6-19: $16.33 ea.

Special Pricing: 1-5: 16.16 ea., 6-19: $14.69 ea.

Honey Stix (100 Pack)
Honey Stix are a great natural substitute for those with a sweet tooth. And now that these Honey Stix are combined with therapeutic-grade essential oils, you can use them to sooth a sore throat, calm a cough, relieve stress, and provide energy. They are easy to pack for lunches, camping, traveling, or in your purse. Enjoy on toast, crackers, fruit, cereal, tea, or straight from the stix (0130.100).

Regular Price: $27.99/pkg.

Special Price: $25.19/pkg.

LavHa Bracelet Diffuser
These bracelets are a great and fashionable way to diffuse your essentials oils wherever you go! The healing properties of the gemstones and essential oils work together to help uplift, calm, and relieve you from pain, along with raising your overall well-being (8733).

Regular Price: $30.00 ea.

Special Price: $27.00 ea.

8 oz. GoCup
This amazing collapsible travel cup is leakproof, hygienic, and easy to clean. Inside the lid is an innovative double-decker pill box for your capsules and tablets. You can even remove the pill box from the cup, snap on the cover, and carry it with you separately (9880).

Regular Price: $12.50 ea.

Special Price: $11.25 ea.

All Natural Moisturizing Foot Balm
Soothe your dry, aching feet with this refreshing all-natural foot balm containing dōTERRA® essential oils. Pure heaven! This foot balm is made from many natural oils and butters, including cocoa butter, mango butter, virgin coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, and pure, therapeutic-grade essential oil (2222).

Regular Price: $11.99 ea.

Special Price: $10.79 ea.

New! Verage Skin Care Collection Tear Pad
This tear pad introduces dōTERRA®'s new Verage skin care line. It goes into detail about the Verage Cleanser, Toner, Immortelle Hydrating Serum, and Moisturizer and also discusses the Reveal Facial System. It even explains which oils to add to your cleanser or moisturizer to customize them to your skin type (3773).

Regular Price: $9.95 ea.

Special Price: $8.96 ea.

ScentBall Plug-in Diffuser
This stylish ScentBall Plug-in Diffuser allows you to diffuse your own natural essential oils into the air instead of the synthetic chemicals used in most commercial plug-in diffusers. Simply add a few drops of your favorite essential oil or blend to the scent pad included, plug the diffuser in, and enjoy the aroma (9395).

Regular Price: 1-5: $8.95 ea., 6-19: $7.16 ea.

Special Price: 1-5: $8.06 ea., 6-19: $6.44 ea.

Aroma Ready® Oil Drop Diffuser
This sleek diffuser is wonderful for both adding humidity to the air and dispersing your desired essential oil or blend throughout a room! The ultrasonic transducer transforms water and essential oil into a cool mist. This diffuser is nearly silent—merely the gentle sound of trickling water and a soft fan—so it can be used both at night and during the day (9350).

Regular Pricing: 1-5: $49.95 ea., 6-19: $39.96 ea.

Special Pricing: 1-5: $44.96 ea., 6-19: $35.96 ea.