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August Monthly Specials
(Special prices expire on August 31, 2014, at midnight.)

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Dr. Me: Essential Oil Condition Guide
In a simple alphabetical format, this book explains the basics of essential oil usage and recommends products that may help alleviate more than 50 different conditions. A separate section details many ways that essential oils can be used for cleaning and sanitation, both at home and on the road. With its easy-to-follow instructions and visual recommendation system, this guidebook is certain to become a favorite family reference for years to come (1171).

Regular Pricing: 1-5: $8.95 ea., 6-19: $8.06 ea.

Special Pricing: 1-5: $8.06 ea., 6-19: $7.25 ea.

New! 20 Radio Talk Shows About Essential Oils
Radio talk show host Kristine Emanuelson brings you this CD containing a compilation of many of her radio shows where she discusses using dōTERRA essential oils in the home. Listen to topics such as how to get your children involved and teach them how to use essential oils, the benefits of individual oils, and the scientific aspects of essential oils. As part of her radio show, she includes other people from around the world to share their experiences with essential oils. Their testimonials are about how the oils have helped them with a variety of ailments such as anxiety, depression, ADD, heart conditions, etc. Along with the children's topics, she provides 100 free licenses to print her children's coloring book, Lavender to Love, so you can share it with your friends, family, and downline (7803CD).

Regular Price: $6.99 ea.

Special Price: $6.29 ea.

Play doTERRA and Pay for Your Habit (Pack of 10)
This remarkable booklet explains the value and importance of Wellness Advocates working together to play the dōTERRA "game" so everyone can get a big enough commission check to pay for their monthly products without it being too much work for anyone. Connie Boucher teaches how to make your dōTERRA distributorship more enjoyable and profitable by treating it like a game with simple rules. This approach can help both you and your downline to achieve your desires. This booklet is full of bright ideas, experiences, and insightful tips (8990).

Regular Price: $39.60/pkg.

Special Price: $35.64/pkg.

New! AromaPen Personal Diffuser
This beautiful AromaPen diffuser is a convenient way to enjoy your favorite essential oils wherever you go! Doubling as a pen, this AromaPen diffuser releases the oils into the air. Simply unscrew the cap of the pen and add a few drops of whichever oils you want to the wick inside. The AromaPen includes 6 extra wicks so you can easily change the oils you are diffusing depending on your mood (9306).

Regular Pricing: 1-5: $29.95 ea., 6-19: $23.96 ea.
Special Pricing: 1-5: $26.96 ea., 6-19: $21.56 ea.

New! LavHa Bracelet Diffuser
These bracelets are a great and fashionable way to diffuse your essentials oils wherever you go! The healing properties of the gemstones and essential oils work together to help uplift, calm, and relieve you from pain, along with raising your overall well-being. Each of the different stones offers different benefits and energies, so try one or try them all (8733).

Regular Price: $30.00 ea.

Special Price: $27.00 ea.

1/4 oz. Lip Gloss Containers
These small oz. containers are perfect for holding your own natural lip gloss or lip balm creations (9194).

Regular Pricing: 1-11: $1.10/pkg., 12-24: $0.99/pkg.

Special Pricing: 1-11: $0.99/pkg., 12-24: $0.89/pkg.

New! Rollerball Remedies Postcard Invitations (20 Pack)

Do you need additional postcard invitations for your Rollerball Remedies Make &Take Workshop Kit? Well, here they are! The back of the postcard provides space for the host to list who they are, when and where the workshop will be held, and how to RSVP. It also informs the guests that they will be learning and making blends for the following: allergies; bumps and bruises; cold, flu and other viruses; congestion; digestive problems; focus; insomnia; and muscle aches and pain (DT53RRInvitations).

Regular Price: $2.99/pkg.

Special Price: $2.69/pkg.

New! Studio Dome Bluetooth Speaker
Have you been looking for a wireless speaker and FM radio that is both portable and easy to use? Then the SD1 Portable Bluetooth Speaker is for you! It is the perfect tool to use for your classes or around your home. Along with Bluetooth capabilities, this speaker can also be used to play input via the line-in (hardware) function and FM radio. To use, simply turn on the speaker and connect it with your Bluetooth-enabled device. You can control the volume and song selection directly from the speaker or your device (8300).

Regular Price: $79.99 ea.

Special Price: $71.99 ea.

1/6 Dram Clear Sample Vials (12 Pack)
These small glass vials are perfect for giving out samples of your favorite essential oils or blends to friends, family members, and potential clients (9102).

Regular Pricing: 1-29: $2.00/pkg., 30-59: $1.90/pkg.

Special Pricing: 1-29: $1.80/pkg., 30-59: $1.71/pkg.

8 oz. Blue Glass Bottle with Black Cap
These 8 oz. blue glass bottles work great for holding natural household cleaners and other liquids. The blue color helps protect the contents from UV light. Each bottle comes with a black cap for storing your creations (9177).

Regular Pricing: 1-49: $1.26 ea., 50-99: $1.14 ea.

Special Pricing: 1-49: $1.13 ea., 50-99: $1.03 ea.

"doTERRA IPC Agreement" Tear Pad (50 Sheets) - CLEARANCE
Are you ready to sign up your prospects? This handy tear pad makes it easy. These are double sided, full-color dōTERRA IPC agreements. Just tear one off for each person, and you're done! The convenient tear pad keeps your handouts together and in good condition (3746CLR).

Regular Price: $9.95/pad

Clearance Price: $5.00/pad

"doTERRA Enrollment Kit Options" Tear Pad (50 Sheets) - CLEARANCE
These colorful tear sheets depict four dōTERRA enrollment kit options and explain the contents and benefits of each. This is a great way to get your prospects to sign up! Just tear one off for each person, and you're done! The convenient tear pad keeps your handouts together and in good condition (3747CLR).

Regular Price: $9.95/pad

Clearance Price: $5.00/pad

Edge Success "Medicine Cabinet Presentation" Tear Pad (50 Sheets) - CLEARANCE
These double sided, full-color handout sheets have information about dōTERRA's essential oils and the top products they sell, with information about the benefits of wholesale membership and the Loyalty Rewards Program on the reverse side. The convenient tear pad keeps your handouts together and in good condition. Just tear one off for each person, and you're done (3748CLR).

Regular Price: $9.95/pad

Clearance Price: $5.00/pad